What We Do

It takes a monumental effort to change one organization, let alone an institution like the healthcare system. To succeed, we are connecting with the following influencers to educate and inspire them to join our cause:

  • Patients
  • Patients’ Family and Friends
  • Physicians
  • Executives at Medical Institutions
  • Lawmakers

This requires us to create a series of coordinated messages and promotional content, and distribute them to our target audiences.

You’re invited to collaborate with us if you have a story to share, connections to influencers, want to help spread the word, or anything else that will help us make progress towards finding new, effective treatments for brain tumors.


If people don’t know there’s a better option, then they’re going to stick with what they know. So, we’re educating key influencers and patient groups to increase awareness.


Once somebody knows of our solution, they still need to be convinced to change. Overcoming this challenge will require consistent campaigns supported by influencers and patients in order to succeed.


Our Bedside to Bedside system needs strong visionaries to show institutions the way. By coordinating the Glioma Discovery Commons, we’ll guide members on the path to develop impactful treatments and cures for brain cancers.

Help Cure Cancer Patients
in Their Lifetime