The Challenge


The Old Way: When researchers want to test a potential cancer drug on a brain tumor, they surgically remove the tumor and run tests in a laboratory setting.

The problem is that tumors don’t behave the same way once removed from the brain. So, the laboratory tests have not produced any major steps forward for curing cancers.

Patients still have to go through toxic chemotherapy and harmful radiation treatments that have major, long-lasting side effects. And, many patients die from their “treatment” itself!

Plus, each research institution keeps their results to themselves for the sake of maximising profits. This slows down innovation, costs the company more money, and costs patients their lives.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

The NeuVisium Way: We are building the Glioma Discovery Commons, a collaborative group of medical institutions that

The goals of NeuVisium Foundation are to:

Patient-Focused Care

Patients want to be treated like people, not numbers. When each patient’s needs are applied to their distinct treatment regiment, then we will have succeeded.

Institutional Collaboration

Medical institutions currently keep their findings to themselves to protect profits. But, sharing findings with other groups would accelerate innovations and lead to more profits for the companies involved, while saving lives. When there are multiple discovery commons groups working to cure challenging conditions, then we will have succeeded.

Innovative Treatments

Chemotherapy and Radiation are awful ways to treat brain cancer. But, that’s all we have right now. When we have effective treatments without nasty side effects and chances of tumors regrowing, then we will have succeeded.

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